Herend Figurines

In the 1870's, Herend introduced the meticulously crafted line of Herend figurines. While animals were the first Herend figurines introduced, they took a backseat to folk figurines until the 1930's. A surge in popularity of Herend's animal figurines occurred in the 1950's and continues strong today. Creatures added to the fold are often the offspring of an artist's inspiration stemming from a personal experience, such as a real-life encounter with a particular animal. The fishnet design adorning many of today's Herend figurines took form in 1874 when a Herend artist became intrigued with an obscure Chinese porcelain plate bearing a fish scale design. Captivated by the intricate style, he incorporated it onto a rooster figurine, painting a black fishnet pattern onto the bird's breast to imitate feathers and using natural colorations on the rest of the body. Not until the 1960's was the fishnet design used on Herend figurines from head to toe. Since that time, the fishnet feature has quickly blossomed into a famous Herend trademark signifying unsurpassed quality and unique artistry marked by exceptional attention to detail.

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